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Corporate Responsibility at Serco

As a private sector company with global presence and a strong public sector bond, taking responsibility defines what we do and how we do it. We serve society on behalf of governments who trust us to provide public services, and citizens who trust us to take care of them in diverse circumstances. In this we are also trusted to serve as a responsible employer, partner, neighbour and investment.

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Our commitment

Being a responsible business is about more than just meeting our minimum obligations. It is how we contribute and create sustainable value. It is the outcomes that define us, and how we achieve them. It is recognising that, to best protect the interests of any one group of stakeholders, we must determinedly embrace our responsibilities to all stakeholders.

From the boardroom to the frontline, we seek out opportunities to make a meaningful difference. Not because we are required to, but because it makes good business sense; because we are in a good position to make that difference; and because it is in our nature as a team of more than 50,000 people who share the same values and sense of purpose.


Explore our framework:

Our corporate responsibility framework structure

Our corporate responsibility (CR) framework is structured around our key stakeholders, focusing in particular on how we work to add sustainable value whilst delivering their requirements with accountability and transparency. It defines our principal areas of responsibility and helps to guide practice and behaviour whilst facilitating measurement of performance.

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Our corporate responsibility governance

Our key responsibilities are recognised within our business strategy, for which the Serco plc Board has ultimate responsibility. For the areas identified in our CR framework, Board oversight and scrutiny is enabled through its standing committee, the Corporate Responsibility Committee (CRC).

Our Serco Management System

The Serco Management System (SMS) is our management framework. It describes how we do business and defines the rules governing how we operate, behave and deliver our strategy, including all areas covered by our CR framework.