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Contributing to Communities

What contributing to communities means to us

Through our business operations we contribute to local employment, small-medium enterprises, communities and economies. Beyond this, we encourage and facilitate community initiatives and charitable giving, both from colleagues and from the Serco Foundation.




Our policy and commitment

We are committed to doing everything we can to make a positive difference to the communities and economies within which we operate. Our commitment is defined within our Operations Policy Statement, supporting standards and related operating procedures.

In summary, we strive to:

  • work closely with communities and partner effectively with local governments in order to best contribute to local economies;
  • employ people from the local community where possible;
  • ensure small firms, voluntary and community organisations, and social enterprises are actively encouraged to be members of Serco’s supply chain;
  • encourage, monitor and measure local employment and the role of local organisations in our supply chain; and
  • encourage and participate in charitable activity that aligns with our Values.

Key components in our governance

In summary, we:

  • use our compliance management system, Assure, to track corporate responsibility activities; and
  • follow our newly published Group Standard Operating Procedure for Charitable Donations, Sponsorships and other Contributions.

Our progress and performance in 2018

We have:

  • strengthened our governance relating to community initiatives and charitable giving through a new Group Standard Operating Procedure, ‘Charitable Donations, Sponsorships and other Contributions’, requiring more robust due diligence in the consideration of any sponsorship opportunity or charitable contribution. We have also updated our compliance management system to enable easier data capture;
  • developed a new strategy for the Serco Foundation which has now been agreed by all Trustees. Its refreshed mission is to support non-profit-making organisations in the delivery of public services through awarded grants and the secondment of Serco employees. It has already started supporting charitable causes under this new mission, awarding grants to the following organisations in 2018:
    • £15,000 for the Police Citizens Youth Club (www.pcycnsw.org.au) in the Grafton area of New South Wales, Australia – working with young people to develop skills, character and leadership whilst helping to reduce and prevent crime by and against young people;
    • £15,000 for the Grafton-based Gurehlgam Corporation (www.gurehlgam.com.au) – promoting and encouraging the development and empowerment of Aboriginal communities;
    • £5,000 for NHS Lanarkshire, UK to build a hairdressing salon for the elderly in Wishaw Hospital; and
    • £10,000 for The Soldier’s Arts Academy (www.soldiersartsacademy.com), a community interest company based in London, UK – providing a route for wounded, injured and sick military personnel and their families into the arts to enable them to recover, retrain and enter new careers.
  • strengthened executive oversight and facilitation of our social responsibility agenda in the Middle East in response to our workforce’s strong appetite for contribution and new legislation in the UAE which is withdrawing legacy restrictions, promoting corporate action and introducing formal reporting requirements.

Our next steps

We will:

  • build on our work in 2018 to reinvigorate our governance for charitable and community contributions, focusing on the improvement of community investment reporting across the business. We recognise significant levels of local activity by our operations and our employees in all regions, but also recognise challenges in capturing the full extent of our commitment. We will engage with the business in order to identify and implement improvements that will enable us to resume reporting our global community investment performance; and
  • formally relaunch the Serco Foundation externally and build real momentum in its activities.