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Diverse workforce and inclusive workplace

What diverse workforce and inclusive workplace means to us

Our business thrives because of our talented and diverse workforce, for which we must continually challenge ourselves to ensure diversity and inclusion are embedded in our culture and ways of working.




Our policy and commitment

Our commitment is defined within our People Policy Statement, supporting standards and related operating procedures. In summary, we strive to:

  • attract, develop and retain employees from the broadest possible talent pool;
  • proactively manage and regularly analyse the diversity of our workforce; and
  • promote equality of opportunity and create an inclusive and enabling environment in which all our people are treated fairly and with respect, dignity and zero tolerance for any form of discrimination.

Key components in our governance

Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) recognises that achievement of our overall goals needs to take account of business maturity, regional variations and local legislation.

Implementation of our strategy therefore takes place at three levels:

  • Aligned to our People Strategy governance, Group sets policy and the broad framework to ensure consistency of approach, as well as providing clarity on key areas of focus through the Group Talent Centre of Expertise.
  • Divisional Executive Management Teams are responsible for appropriate Divisional adherence to policy and Group strategy, maintaining a Divisional D&I strategy aligned to the overall Group framework with priorities appropriate to their geographies, sectors, employee base and local legislation. Divisional Human Resources Directors (HRDs) are responsible for implementing policy, strategy and governance across the Division, supported by their D&I Leads. Progress is reported through normal business review and governance frameworks.
  • For some Business Units or contracts within a Division, a further level of focus is appropriate. This would be the case in businesses of a particular size, in particular geographies, or according to local customer specifications.

For more details of our people policy and strategy governance, see also: Employee engagement and development.

Our progress and performance in 2018

We have:

  • achieved our 2020 target of a minimum 25% women in leadership roles, and revised our target to 35% by 2025;
  • recognised four official global focus areas, assigning each an Executive Sponsor: Anthony Kirby, Group HR Director, for Gender; David Dacquino, Serco Americas CEO, for Disability; Mark Irwin, Serco Asia Pacific CEO, for Multicultural (BAME); and Kevin Craven, Serco UK & Europe CEO, for LGBT+;
  • refreshed and refined our Divisional D&I strategies in response to progress made since 2016, key organisational changes and the new global focus areas. All Divisions have continued taking action to deliver regional D&I objectives, including: further development of employee networks; promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion; and improving the balance of diversity in senior appointments. For specific examples, please see our CR in action case studies below; and
  • reported our Gender Pay Gap for 2017 in April (12.9%) and prepared our 2018 Gender Pay Gap report (11.9%).

Key performance indicators

For additional data and performance commentary, including changes to our engagement scoring and our Viewpoint indices, see: Corporate Responsibility KPIs

  Key performance indicators:




Viewpoint Diversity & Inclusion Index


74 (avg. score)


Number of women: Serco Group plc Board

3 (30.0%)

3 (33.3%)


Number of women: Executive Committee and Direct Reports

15 (21.7%)

28 (31.8%)


Number of women: all other employee levels

18,129 (41.6%)

18,960 (42.4%)


Our next steps

We will work to:

  • create excitement around staff inclusion networks both within our Divisions and across the Group;
  • ensure each Division sets stretching ambitions around the short and medium term;
  • launch our new employer brand – ‘make a difference everyday’ – to attract and recruit a more diverse workforce; and
  • launch an annual People Report which we will share both internally and externally to keep momentum and focus.

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