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Our people

Our people

We are a team of more than 50,000 people responsible for delivering essential public services around the world. Our people are the individuals and teams we depend on to deliver those services. Whether they have joined Serco through choice or transfer of operations, they have all chosen a career in public service.

Whilst the majority are Serco employees, our people can also include temporary and contract colleagues, helping us to manoeuvre with pace and flexibility wherever and whenever we need to.

At the same time, not all Serco employees will wear Serco uniforms. Some of our arrangements with specific customers or partners require our people to represent alternative organisations or our customers themselves.

Regardless of how they are employed and the uniforms they wear, all are integral to our team. They share our Values, our strong bond with the public sector and our commitment to serve. For many, like Serco itself, that public service ethos originates in a strong public sector background with a deep foundation of knowledge and experience.

Everyone at Serco plays a critical role, whether directing strategy, working side-by-side with our customers or engaging face-to-face with our service users. Our people are all specialists in their roles, whether executive directors or team leaders, business support (e.g. personal assistants, bid writers or software developers) or frontline operations (e.g. psychologists, engineers, prison custody officers, life guards or caterers).

Our workforce is vibrant, diverse and dynamic – drawn primarily from the communities in which we operate and reflective of the communities we serve. We prioritise local employment in our workforce solutions whilst leveraging our globally-mobile talent and being sensitive to local customs, constraints and customer requirements.

We actively manage our employee relationships through open, honest dialogue at all levels. Effective leadership and line management are our principal means of engagement. Building trust and relationships and communicating effectively are key competencies in our Leadership Model. We also invite employee feedback via: Viewpoint, our employee engagement survey; Speak Up, our whistleblowing process; and Yammer, our internal social media platform. We also maintain various employee-led networks and strong relationships with our recognised trade unions.

Our people are united in their drive to make a positive difference. They are proud of who they are and what they do. It is our responsibility to engage, enable and support them. First and foremost, this means upholding our Values and policies; respecting and supporting individual needs and differences; providing necessary training and opportunities for development; encouraging and responding positively to their ideas and opinions; and safeguarding their wellbeing.

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