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Our Purpose

Our purpose reaches beyond any numeric targets to describe the wider value we want to bring to governments, to public services, and to society: ‘To be a trusted partner of governments, delivering superb public services, that transform outcomes and make a positive difference for our fellow citizens.’

Our Values - Trust, Pride, Innovation and Care

Our Market

Our market is large, we believe growing, and will continue to do so because of ‘Four Forces’ we have identified which mean governments will continue to face huge pressure to deliver more and better public services, for less, and they see the value of the private sector in helping them achieve this.

Our deliverables

Revenue growth of 5-7%, trading margins of 5-6%, and engagement of >60% and increasing.

The value we bring

Providing government services to citizens, funded by taxpayers, is different, and in many ways more demanding than providing services to the private sector or consumers. Since we were founded more than 50 years ago, Serco has developed deep expertise in this regard.  

On the whole our actual differentiation is sector specific, but we do possess some Group-wide key qualities that governments value, and which together we believe form a rare package:

  • Transferable international and cross-sector experience
  • Expert & empowered people
  • Strong governance & risk management
  • Public service ethos
  • Trusted partnership
  • Scalable & customised solutions
  • Full service integration
  • Ability to test and innovate
  • Citizen-centred, outcome-focussed 
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