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Training, Education and Resilience

Academic, operational, and resilience training provision to enhance and up-skill personnel to achieve improved results in mission critical and other operational areas.

Serco provides globally respected academic, operational and resilience training provision. We enhance and upskill leaders and managers to achieve improved results in mission critical and other operational areas.

Working in cooperation with the military, Cabinet Office and selected universities, we provide masters and degree level educational and training capabilities via blended synthetic and classroom facilities. Our overall aim is to help develop and retain skilled and motivated leaders, technical specialists and business continuity/emergency planning experts.

Reservist day 2015

Education and training market

The education and training market has an ever increasing focus on using modern technology, cohort/online learning and course optimisation to deliver education and training more productively, with better results, and with less time spent away. This requires a different approach to engaging with students, whether they be in the military or civilian sectors, especially with the increasing shortages in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects.

By developing novel learning solutions involving real-world blended, synthetic, classroom and online facilities, Serco enhances educational and training outcomes, at the same time as reducing time spent on delivery of courses. 

This is done in tandem with our globally renowned university partners with whom Serco offer unique education and training solutions for professional, operational and resilience training.

International Fire Training Centre

Interesting facts

  • We operate and deliver the UK’s Defence Academy and Emergency Planning College (EPC) in partnership with the UK Government, training and educating people from over 90 countries around the world.  

  • We established a bespoke Advanced Command and Staff Course for the Qatari Armed Forces.

  • We facilitated student visits to the Pentagon, Whitehall, NATO and other strategic establishments.

  • We have strong links to educational providers such as King’s College London, Cranfield University, UCL, Saïd and Harvard Business Schools.

  • Over 3,000 Masters’ Degrees have been awarded at the UK Defence Academy, which is operated and maintained by Serco.

  • Serco’s International Fire Training Centre has developed the world’s first degree level fire training courses.

  • Serco delivers training and education to over 90 nationalities at the UK Defence Academy each year.

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