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Heavy Rail

From implementing new build rail systems to operating and maintaining existing ones, we deliver rail services that transform the travel experience.

Serco provides heavy rail services to public and private transport authorities, spanning the entire lifecycle. From design and build through to operation and maintenance, we put the customer experience first.

We successfully provide rail services that meet strong demand for passenger transport, driven by rapid population growth, urbanisation and the boom in industry, commerce, and tourism.

Serco works with both government and partners to deliver a range of passenger rail contracts, committed to supporting sustainable development and expanding rail services aligned to rising transportation pressures.

We have vast experience and capability in designing, mobilising, transforming, operating, and maintaining world-class rail services that meet the passengers’ needs for safe, affordable, quality, and environmentally sustainable transport.

Serco is fully responsible for vehicle maintenance, from light maintenance through to overhauls. We take care of depot management and the coordination of engineering contractors and suppliers.

  • We currently lead a consortium for a five year contract, valued at SAR715 million, that provides management and technical support for the operation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s 2,750km North South Railway. 

  • The network currently operates a successful freight railway, moving over 600,000 tonnes of materials each month. Serco is leading the introduction of passenger services on the Network in 2017, which will transform travel across the Kingdom.

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