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Personnel Readiness

Serco helps defense and national security organizations meet readiness standards, with a full spectrum of services for active duty personnel, veterans, and family support.

Our personnel readiness services span the entire service member lifecycle to include projecting force staffing requirements, recruiting, boot camp, active duty sustainment, retirement, and post-retirement support. Our efforts directly improve quality of life and warfighter readiness.

Our personnel readiness services include service member and family support required to maintain a high quality of life for military families, thereby allowing service members to meet mission requirements and an operational tempo that requires highly trained, motivated, and adaptable warfighters. 

Serco takes immense pride in providing the very best military personnel management support, from recruitment to retirement and beyond, at every step of the career lifecycle. We are experts in services that build the physical, emotional, and psychological resilience of the total force.

At the same time, our teams manage the full spectrum of human resources needs for Active Duty personnel. Our professionals possess a strong emotional and mission commitment to the work that we do. Many are retired or former military and understand the stresses that service can bring for both the warfighter and their families at home.

As personnel readiness service delivery experts, we bring advanced processes and technologies to bear with a human touch so that our service members and families receive the support they need and deserve.

We provide the full life cycle of services required for a modern, flexible, and effective fighting force including: military transition assistance services; military personnel administrative support, recruitment and retention services; DoD workforce modeling and optimization; individual, unit, and organizational training; and psychological health and family counseling.

Key Facts in the Americas

  • Over the course of 24 years, we have developed and provided transition assistance to all members of the Army and National Guard. 
  • Over 140,000 soldiers pass through Serco’s certified counselors annually as they leave military service.
  • Serco staff have provided all administrative and personnel support for over 37,000 Navy Recruits annually passing through boot camp at Great Lakes.
  • Serco is the Army’s Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel (HQDA G-1) vendor of choice for studies and analysis, civilian workforce development, and strength forecasting.
  • We provide over 500 briefs to reserve units annually, reaching over 65,000 Reservists.
  • We have helped to design and operate some of the most sophisticated support programs for military personnel and their families, including the U.S. Army Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program, VA for Vets, Army OneSource, Army’s Wounded Warrior Project, Army’s Civilian Workforce Transformation, Navy’s ID Card contract, Navy’s Recruit Training Command Customer Service Division, soldiers’ Benefits Services, and Army National Guard’s family Readiness Support Services Program, among others.