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Reimagining public services

Meeting the dual demand for greater efficiency and rising service expectations requires a new approach. That is why we take a big picture view, tackling the wholescale transformation of the services we run, from frontline to back-office.

The value that we bring

We are able to deliver rapid change and scale-up operations quickly by drawing on global resources, employing the best specialists in each market, instituting more effective systems and empowering our teams to perform better.

This means we are able to design and operate intelligent transport networks, deliver patient centered support services in hospitals, sensitively handle immigration from point-of-entry to repatriation, securely detain and rehabilitate prisoners, ensure the readiness of defence forces and critical military installations, cut the cost of government administration and make it easier for citizens to access the services they need.

Transferable global expertise

Our international reach, scale and cross-sector experience allows us to draw on specialist expertise, tried and tested processes, emerging best-practice and technological innovation from across the globe.

  • In every sector we operate across multiple geographies.
  • We share expertise and capabilities across sectors in areas such as complex case management, FM, contact centres and data analysis.

Strong governance & risk management

Revolutionised corporate standards, organisation-wide training, clear operating procedures and disciplined management processes ensure strong governance, risk management, operational excellence, clear accountability and excellent performance.

  • The Serco Management System defines rules which govern the way we operate and behave.
  • All our contracts include measureable KPIs by which we track and drive performance

Public service ethos

Our specialist teams, who are drawn from both strong public sector and commercial backgrounds, are regardless all committed to serving government and making a positive difference to the lives of the citizens we serve, bringing to life our values of trust, care, innovation and pride.

  • Our unique focus on public services alone means we understand them like no competitor can.
  • It also means we attract those motivated by doing public good and who understand that the ethos of how we work is as important as what we do.

Scalable & customised solutions

Our global spread, deep, expertise, dynamic culture & flexible operating model allows us to rapidly scale-up and deliver critical services to a high quality standard.  We design, customise and flex services according to customer need.

  • We add capacity to meet peaks in demand on the Dubai metro when the customer requires.
  • In our UK Compass contract we are able to quickly respond to a demand for extra housing following a surge in asylum cases.

Trusted partnership

We aim to be trusted partners of government, citizens, communities, and organisations we work with. We demonstrate accountability, bring deep understanding and form close relationships. Often we integrate seamlessly into government organisations, acting as an extension of them, not just a contractor.  We also form close partnerships with small business and NGOs.

  • The Apprenticeship and also Work Programme involve working with local delivery partners across the UK
  • We are transparent and increasingly deliver real time performance data across our contracts.

Ability to test and innovate

We’re agile and able to innovate.  We invest in R&D, thought leadership, and design and trial new technologies and processes to enhance our operations which can be adopted more widely by Government once proven.

  • We have pioneered new ways of using e-learning for self-study as part of transforming prison education.
  • We have developed the use of remote video units as an alternative to escorting prisoners for court appearances to reduce costs to government.

Full service integration

We have a breadth of service expertise that is almost unrivalled.  Often separately, but sometimes together, we are expert at designing and operating anything from frontline to back-office services. Yet whatever we are doing, we offer integrated solutions, seamlessly knitting together whole operations for government to transform delivery and efficiency.

  • We run the entire Scottish Caledonian Sleeper service.
  • We manage all patient administration and contact in Fiona Stanley Hospital, from booking to discharge amongst 26 service lines.

Citizen-centred, outcome focused

We design solutions around citizens and outcomes.   We deliver more efficient and effective public services through our research, measuring, and deep understanding of the needs and experience of service users, and a focus on outcomes not inputs.

  • Serco’s ‘Experience Lab’ is a unique unit, specialising in understanding the end-user journey.
  • We invest in understanding patient experience & design bespoke solutions to improve their satisfaction.

Expert & empowered people

We recruit expert talent and the best sector specialists who  have deep experience in different areas of public services. We then empower them, giving them the freedom to be entrepreneurial, and the investment and corporate  support to put good ideas into action across our operations.

  • We employ world-class specialists in our Centres of Excellence.
  • We deploy experts in our cross sector capabilities across different operations.