Care Coordination

In a modern health eco-system there is an increasing pressure on patient flow. Poor flow not only impacts hospital performance, financial targets and clinical outcomes but also has a significant impact upon patient experience.

New innovative forms of delivery are required as clearly identified in the NHS Long Term Plan.

We believe in a future where operations come together with the new models of care to transform the delivery and experience of services.

Our core propositions unite our deep operational experience with a proven track record and commitment to delivering some of the most complex coordination projects globally; healthcare coordination delivering capacity, pace and innovation; working with vulnerable people in our immigration services; large scale and complexity of the Dubai Metro.

Our advisory services are being used in the NHS to address critical operational issues, such as patient flow. We bring together a unique combination of patient and staff experience, deep operational and flow analytics, through our partners, and service design and operational.

Patient Transport Service

The cost for providing a Patient Transport Service has increased exponentially (c33% annual increment). The NHS must fulfil their obligation to deliver a safe and compassionate Patient Transport Service, whilst actively managing or reducing the cost.

Using our global fleet management, ICT and contact centre capability, we are innovatively meeting the challenges of the NHS. We deliver better value through flexible and transparent commercial models, increasing vehicle safety standards and availability, as well upskilling staff through specialist training programmes.

Supporting the patient pathway and patient flow through the system, beyond acute hospitals.

Key Facts

  • We are the first to deliver FutureQuals Level 3 in Patient Care Services delivered in the NHS
  • Patients transported 480,000 miles per year!