Justice Services

From prison management and rehabilitation to secure logistics, court, and prisoner escorting services, we are committed to safeguarding society and reducing reoffending by helping those in our care turn their lives around.

Serco manages critical custodial services across the justice system on behalf of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).  We operate six adult prisons in the UK, a fleet of nearly 200 specialist cellular and multi-purpose vehicles to escort on average 24,000 prisoners per month between 67 courts, 24 prisons and 131 police stations.  We constantly and systematically look to make change for the better, putting the needs of prisoners and communities at the heart of service design, while working within established policy frameworks and observing complex regulatory, security, and governance requirements.

Full Prison Management

We deliver safe, secure, and cost-efficient prison management services that focus on rehabilitation to reduce reoffending and improve public safety.

Prisoner Escorting and Court Services

We provide safe and secure prisoner escort services on behalf of justice departments, moving people between prisons or police stations and court appearances, and care for them within the court environment.

Secure Logistics Services

We support the police service and law enforcement agencies by providing a nationwide secure logistics service.