Transport in the UK

We design and assure high quality customer centric passenger transport services – in rail, ferries and cycle hire in partnership with government by integrating the best in technology and assets with our people to deliver service excellence, meeting economic and social needs.

Putting customers and communities at the heart of transport and mobility solutions

In the UK we have developed a different approach to passenger transport services through a deliberate focus on ensuring that service design is undertaken with deep consideration of, and input from our customers, stakeholders and communities. The nature of the services we provide is one of intimacy with the communities we service and the government organisations with whom we partner to ensure local needs are met whilst the economic and social priorities are supported.

Through a focus on the end-to-end journey and understanding why our customers, passenger and freight, choose the service and access it, we can design the service to better meet needs and consider integration pre and post journey.  Choosing the right partners is key – technology, assets and hardware, service providers including locally based, enabling us to integrate all the aspects into delivering a high-quality end product to the customer.

Our transport business reflects four core capabilities:

  • Travel and hospitality offering
  • Lifeline services
  • Urban transport and mobility solutions
  • Technical and operational assurance

Our businesses include NorthLink Ferries, Scatsta Airport, Merseyrail (joint venture with Abellio), London Cycle Hire, Serco Rail Technical Services, Djurgarden Ferries (joint venture with Stromma), Caledonian Sleeper and Edinburgh Cycle Hire.  In taking over existing operations we excel at both service transformation – modernising the operation improving the service to customers, and designing a service offering from new. This we have done in cycle hire where we are the market leader in delivering this as a key part of the public transport network in capital cities.

What connects our approach and success across our businesses is understanding the impacts and benefits that the service has to the economy and social fabric of the communities we serve. We only operate through locally based teams and we have been very successful in our use of local products and businesses investing in that local community and economy.

We operate in four transport areas:

Rail Passenger Services

Serco manages the delivery of passenger heavy rail services, including all operations and maintenance.

Rail Technical Services

Serco are a leader in the provision of rail technical expertise, providing an extensive package of first class services to customers around the world.

Cycle Hire

We have developed cycle hire as a high quality public transport mode. We designed, built and implemented the London Cycle Hire scheme for Transport for London, the largest of its kind and then developed the YourBike hybrid cycle hire concept now launched in Edinburgh in partnership with Transport for Edinburgh.

Ferry Services

Serco operates ferry services safely, reliably, and sustainably, meeting the needs of local communities while facilitating leisure, tourism, and economic growth.